For 125 years, we’ve built a herd we are immensely proud to showcase. From State Fair winners to industry-leading milk production, we have spent generations building a pedigreed herd ready to work in yours. If you’re interested in purchasing seedstock for your own herd, we’d be happy to discuss.

Celebrating 125 years!

State Fair Winners

2021 State Fair Champion Bred and Owned


Milk Authority

2019 Indy 500 Milk Ambassador, Andrew Kuehnert


Cheesy Chef

2017 Mousetrap Grilled Cheese Winner, Indiana State Fair

pam the cow head.jpg

Pam: Our Head Matriarch


Our herd stock genetics have been selected over time to build the herd we milk today. A large thanks goes to one genetic powerhouse: Pam. PEDIGREE NAME, Dam x Sire

A Champion

Pam was an Indiana State Fair champion in 19XX. She’s been a builder of breeds, with X other state champions from her progeny.


With production numbers like X, Pam’s genetics have built an industry-enviable X average on our farm.


We’ve raised a herd sire from Pam - NAMA, Pam pedigree name x Sire. Talk to us about semen.

Our Future

After 125 years, we continue to look for ways to keep our family part of the farm. In 2012, we added a Fall Festival to invite neighbors to the farm. We’ve opened an event barn on the farm available for rentals outside the fall season. Next, we’re moving from dairying for other’s bottles to milking for our own as we open the Milk House — our own on-farm retail location. We will also begin sales to local stores and retail locations and potentially add home delivery as an option in the future. We have learned over the years that standing still does not move you forward, so we will continue to expand our farm to welcome more generations home.


The Fall Festival was born and the admission gates opened.

Our Dairy Story


Since 1897, we’ve been farming a stone’s throw away from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The sixth generation is carrying on the family tradition of producing quality dairy cattle and milk. We have a freestall barn where our milk cows live that you can visit while you’re on the farm for our Fall Festival. “Our girls,” as we call them, are always ready for visitors!

Great-Great-Great Grandpa X started our farm way back when with a plan to raise his family and his cows on this land. Since then, X, X, X, Alan and now Nathan and Andrew’s families have been tending the crops, the cows and the kids to keep this family farm going. In 2012, a Fall Festival was added to welcome neighbors to the farm and enjoy what we have loved for so long. 


We raise purebred Holsteins, the black and white cows so well known for producing the milk you get every day! We have over X number of cows on the farm. With that many cows we spend X hours a day milking. That means we collect the milk and send it to get bottled into the jugs you buy at the store. In the near future, we’ll be bottling right here on the farm! Be sure to check out the Milk House to get more info on our coming-soon on-farm store.