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For 125 years, we’ve built a herd we are immensely proud to showcase. From All-Americans to State Fair winners to industry-leading milk production, we have spent generations building a pedigreed herd ready to work in yours. If you’re interested in purchasing seedstock for your own herd, we’d be happy to discuss.

Our Dairy Story

corn silage
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Since 1897, we’ve been farming a stone’s throw from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The fifth generation is carrying on the family tradition of producing quality dairy cattle and milk. We have a freestall barn where our milk cows live that you can visit while you’re on the farm for our Fall Festival or visiting our Milk House and Udder Upp Cafe. "Our girls," as we call them, are always ready for visitors!

We raise registered Holsteins, the black and white cows so well known for producing the milk you get every day! We are constantly utilizing new technologies to improve the care and comfort of our cows. While visiting you will see Lely A4 robotic milking machines, the Lely Juno feed pusher, the AI24 cow monitoring system, the Lely robotic calf feeder, and hoop style heifer barns.  

We farm 1,200 acres of land to produce feed for our cows. We grow corn, hay, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa hay, and rye grass. Here at Kuehnert Dairy Farm, we milk 300 cows each and every day, then bottle the milk right here on the farm!


Pam: Our Matriarch


It’s hard to fit 125 years into a summary. We’re proud of our legacy and heritage and of our family’s commitment to our faith, our community, our family, and this farm's roots. We have spent years building and growing, facing adversity and the expected (and unexpected) farm challenges, all while looking to the future. Our dedication to this farm and what it means to our family never wavers. 


Our herd stock genetics have been selected over time to build the herd we milk today. A large thanks goes to one genetic powerhouse: K-Hurst Rudolph Pam EX 94.

A Champion

Pam was an extraordinary animal. Her credentials are the benchmark of animal productivity both inside and outside the show ring. We enjoyed her beauty and celebrate all that she taught us simply by her presence. Pam was our bread and butter, our social connection, a blueprint for living and the backbone of our prosperity.

Cows come and go, but their influence and memories remain. To us, Pam was the noblest of creatures and the life-giver of all. She is the foundation on which we raise our family, a cornerstone on which we make our living, and the very center of our lives. We were and continue to be blessed by this awesome and beautiful cow. 

Tours & Events

Visit Kuehnert Dairy Farm!
Tours & Events

Farm Tours

At Kuehnert Dairy Farm, we are committed to building relationships with our consumers and sharing our farm story. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how their food is produced and to meet the farmers who care for the animals that produce it. Our goal is to make sure your trip to the farm is a wonderful learning experience where you have fun and create memories!


Learn how our milk gets from our farm to your table, see where the cows eat and sleep, how they're milked, and meet the darling baby calves — a once in a lifetime experience for many!


Scheduling one hour tours now by appointment only.

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The Homestead

The Homestead is a rustic, yet charming, 125+ years-old barn and farm venue located in the heart of our family's dairy farm. We are proud to welcome you and your loved ones to gather and celebrate here.


You can host up to 150 of your closest friends, family, or co-workers in our historic barn. Your guests will appreciate both its modern amenities and the traditional country backdrop.


The Homestead is the perfect location for birthday or graduation parties, bridal showers, family reunions, corporate events, or your dream outdoor farm wedding.

Please inquire below for pricing and availability.

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Celebrating 125 years!

After 125 years, we continue to look for ways to keep our family part of the farm. In 2013, we added a Fall Festival to invite neighbors to the farm. We've opened The Homestead, an event barn on the farm available for rentals year round. Now, we’re moving from dairying for other’s bottles to milking for our own as we open Kuehnert Milk House — our own on-farm retail and bottling location. We will also begin sales to local stores and retail locations and potentially add home delivery as an option in the future. We have learned over the years that standing still does not move you forward, so we will continue to expand our farm to welcome more generations home.

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