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Here at Kuehnert Dairy, we strive to breed strong, profitable, long-lasting, highly productive cows.  Artificial insemination and embryo transfer programs are intensively managed by using the top proven bulls and young sires of the breed.  We are very proud and humble with how our top cows have performed in the freestall barn as well as in the show ring, however, we are most fulfilled when our cows perform well in someone else’s barn and impact their breeding programs. 

The Ladies of K-Hurst Holsteins

Good genetics are the foundation of any productive dairy herd, and we have raised a number of high quality females. Take a look at the ladies that make our production a success!

K-Hurst Armani Dazed EX-94 

2022 Reserve Grand Champion NAILE  
Nominated All-American 5 Year Old 2021 
4th Place 5 Year Old WDE 2021 
Now owned by Ack-Lee Registered Holsteins

 Pameline EX-94

2019 Jr. All-American Production Cow 

Nominated All-American Production Cow 2019 

Reserve Supreme Cow NAILE Jr. Show 

Daughter of K-Hurst Rudolph Pam EX-94

K-Hurst Doorman Profound EX-91

2022 Grand Champion IN State Fair 
Now owned by Maddie Beyer

K-Hurst Rudolph
Pam EX-94

2005 Jr. All-American 4 year old 

2004 Reserve Jr. All-American Jr 3 year old

K-Hurst Jordy Denali Red VG-89 

2021 Reserve Jr. All-American Sr. 2 year old 

2nd Jr and 3rd Open WDE 2021 

Daughter of K-Hurst Armani Dazed EX-94 

Now owned by Pierre Boulet, Blondin Sires, Clarkvalley Holsteins, Fairbanks Cattle Company & Ferme Blondin

K-Hurst Doorman Esteem EX-92

2021 HM Jr. All-American 4 year old  

Reserve Grand Champion NAILE Jr. Show 

3rd Jr and 7th Open WDE 2021

K-Hurst Diamondback Parade EX-92

2022 3rd Place 5 Year old NAILE  

Daughter of K-Hurst GLD CHP Pameline EX-94 x Rudolph Pam EX-94 

Owned with ACK-LEE and Pat Conroy

K-Hurst Atwood Perfume EX-94

2015 KY State Fair Grand Champion

HFL17864 K-Hurst Denver Pace-ET.jpg
K-Hurst Denver Pace

Nominated Jr. All-American Winter Yearling 2020 
Nominated Jr. All-American Winter Calf 2019 
Daughter of K-Hurst Atwood Perfume EX-94 x Dundee Paisley EX-91 x Rudolph Pam EX-94 

HFL19732 K-Hurst Hezekiah Primp.jpg
K-Hurst Hezekiah Primp

2020 Reserve Jr. All-American Winter Calf 
Granddaughter of K-Hurst Rudolph Pam EX-94

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