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Plan Your Trip!

We can’t wait to have you join us at the farm! From straw bales to cows, corn mazes to pumpkins — we’ve got a lot of farm to enjoy! To make sure you’ve got a plan scouted, we’ve got a map of all the festival activities. Before you come, take a minute and fill out our AgriTourism Waiver. Just bring your email receipt when you get to the admission gates! Want to come back every weekend? Grab a season pass! Or, if you’d like to bring a group — send us a note. See you soon!


September 15 - October 29, 2023
6 PM - 10 PM Friday 
10 AM - 10 PM Saturday 

12 PM - 5 PM Sunday

Admission is $15 / person. Children 2 & under are free. Want to visit more often? A season pass is $25 / person.

A Map of Farmtastic Activities

Where to first? Make a plan, see it all, or skip along to what you like best! We’ve got something for all ages to enjoy. Unless noted, activities are all included with price of admission.

Jump Pad

Jump, Jump, Bounce! This 70 x 30 foot giant bounce pad is meant for wearing off all that energy or working up an appetite for another Mousetrap grilled cheese.

Corn Maze

Try not to get lost in this year's aMAZEing race! Find your way through the twists and turns, just like Josef Newgarden, the Indy 500 winner!  Instead of 500 laps, you've got 6 acres of corn!

Pedal Car Track

Take a spin around the track just like the Indy 500. Head to the food tent to grab a milk and chug it like a winner! Head up the bridge and over the track to the infield where littles can cruise and play on vehicles just their size in Little Kuehnert Town.

Spider Web

Think like a superhero and get climbing! This giant web fits up to 27 people on it at once…Can you make it across with less than eight legs?

Milk Truck Express

Climb aboard our vintage milk truck with your little one as we cruise through the corn maze. Oohs and Ahs appreciated.


Ready to battle it out with some bags? We’ve got a whole lot of boards ready for the back and forth. Loser buys the ice cream!

Milkman Wheel Races

Find a partner and get to racing! Two hamster wheels side by side - who will get there first?!

Rope Maze Race

Try your hand at our obstacle course. You’ll be zigging and zagging from start to finish - if you can make it!

Wagon Basketball

Think you’ve got a good hook shot? Show it off! Toss it up, and hear it clammer back down in our transformed gravity flow wagons.


Located under the large white tent, here you can purchase a pumpkin or two, along with gourds, Indian corn, Kuehnert Dairy Fall Festival merchandise, and other local items. After you pick the perfect pumpkin add your artistic flare! Paint and brushes provided for this free activity.

Little Farmers

You are what you eat! Do a little learning while you’re here and create your perfect plate. Play with food and pack a grocery basket. Jump on a Hoppy Cow for some bouncy fun. Drive toy tractors and trucks along the routes on the farm tables. Use some of your five senses as you learn about a cow’s diet. Located under the large white tent, next to the Corn Pit.

Corn Pit

For the littles, this big ol’ bin of corn is just asking for some play time. Scoop, pile and move corn to your heart’s content. Slide on in and play for a while.

Straw Mountain

Run, jump, climb up and over, and zip down the slides of this straw mountain for the ages. Before you leave, be sure to climb to the top for an incredible view!

Big Kid Ninja Warrior

Tackle the course like a farmer. Obstacles are made to challenge the bigger kids. Run, jump, weave and even try your hand at the warp wall!

Jump Pad

Jump, Jump, Bounce! This 70 x 30 foot giant bounce pad is meant for wearing off all that energy or working up an appetite for another Mousetrap grilled cheese.

Food Tent

Treat you and the crew to one of our Fall Festival favorites: the Mousetrap grilled cheese, nachos, hot dogs, chips, and soft serve ice cream. Add a flavored milk, lemonade shakeup, or hot chocolate to finish it off. Grab a S'mores kit to cook over the fire pit! Don’t forget to bring back your souvenir cup for a refill! All food pricing is posted at the food tent. This is not included in the price of admission.

Pam the Holstein

Think you could be a cow farmer? Test your skills and try to milk Pam (our best grandmamma cow).

Robotic Milking

Wanna see where your milk comes from? Take a look at how we use ROBOTS to milk our cows! Cows are milked on their schedule…24 hours a day, they decide when they want milked and they come on in.

Future Home of Kuenhert Milk House
Freestall Barn

From the robotic viewing room, you can enter the freestall barn to see our black and white beauties up close! Say hi, and they just might say hi back.

Hay Ride

By far the best view of the farm, jump on a tractor-driven straw ride around the farm. This 25-minute journey takes you across the whole farm with lots of cow sightings. Wagons are handicap accessible.

Farmer's Playground

Take a break and enjoy the Moo-Go-Round, the Milk Carton Slide, and some tetherball. Climb on up or in the one-of-a-kind tile swing, play a life-size game of Jenga, toss a Holy Cow football to test your accuracy or take your chances on the Little Kid Ninja Warrior course! Make a new friend while you’re at it and make it a race!

Homestead Barn

Our private party area is perfect for hosting a birthday party, church group or corporate event during the Fall Festival. Contact us for rental pricing and availability today!

Baby Calves

Meet a much smaller version of our big cows. Perfect for the fall family photo, these little guys (and girls) are always happy for the company. Open the gate and come on in. Nothing is sweeter!

Kuehnert Dairy Fall Festival Corn Maze Photo 2023.jpg

Before You Go, Sign the Waiver! 

Every family must sign the AgriTourism Waiver to enter our farm. While we do everything we can to keep you safe, you are coming to a farm — and we’ve got both animals and ice cream!

  • What’s the cost of admission?
    Admission is $15 / person. Children 2 & under are free. A season pass is $25 per person – this pass allows you access every weekend!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept major credit cards, debit cards and cash. (Pro tip - cash is faster!) New this year, you can purchase in advance. Buy tickets, here.
  • Where do I park?
    Parking is free! NEW THIS YEAR - parking has moved to the south side of the cow barn and in the field to the east of the Fall Festival. The previous parking area will soon be home to our Milk House!
  • What can I expect to do when I get there? / What is included with admission?
    Once you’re through the gate, you’re free to roam across the full Festival. We have over 30 attractions so you’ll find something for every age. All activities are included in the price of admission. Food and beverages are available for purchase. Pumpkins and other fall items are available for purchase as well.
  • What food and beverages are available for purchase?
    We have food and beverages available for purchase - view our menu here! Our menu includes: Grilled Cheese, Nachos, Hot Dogs, Caramel Corn, Soft Serve, Hot Chocolate, Milk Chugs, Lemon Shake-ups, and more! We kindly request that you do not bring outside food and beverage onto the farm.
  • Can I bring my service animal or pet?
    Of course. Service animals are allowed, but no other pets are allowed. As a working farm, we want to make sure we protect our cows, and your puppy may not have met one before!
  • Is the Fall Festival handicap accessible?
    Our Fall Festival is handicap accessible, including our hayride.
  • Where do I purchase merchandise?
    We have a spot! Under the large pumpkin painting tent, you’ll find some fun things to take home — t-shirts, pumpkins, gourds, corn and more. Prices range on pumpkins from $1 and up. We do not currently sell items online.
  • Is smoking permitted?
    No, we are a non-smoking farm. Kindly refrain from smoking or vaping once you exit your vehicle.
  • Who do I contact with questions?
    Reach out to us by filling out the contact form below, or messaging us on one of our social media accounts.
  • How do I purchase a season pass?
    Great question! Season passes allow you access every weekend! Purchase on-site at the admission barn during our open weekend hours. Season passes are $25 / person.
  • What if I want to bring a large tour group, church group or school group?
    We’d love to have you! We do offer discounted admission rates: For 20+ attendees, admission is $14 / person. For 49-99 attendees, admission is $13 / person. To schedule a specific time outside the open weekend hours, please contact us. Do you host school field trips? Yes, we do! Please contact us for tour information and scheduling availability.
  • Do you host private events or large company events?
    Yes, we do host events in our Homestead Barn. Please contact us for additional information.
  • What is the best time to visit?
    Our opening hours are: 6 PM - 10 PM Friday 10 AM - 10 PM Saturday 12 PM - 5 PM Sunday We are open weekends only starting September 16 - October 30, 2022 All activities are open at all times during opening hours barring inclement weather conditions.
  • Are there restrooms and changing tables?
    Yes, we have restrooms available! Consider them upgraded portable restrooms. Visit the Mother and Baby tent, located near the baby calves, for a quiet place to feed and change your baby.
  • What activities can I expect?
    OH, we have SO MANY! Take a look at our activity map!
  • What age ranges are activities for?
    We have something for every age! From toddlers to teens to adults, the festival promises to provide each of you with a fun and educational experience.
  • How much do pumpkins cost? / What kind of pumpkins do you have?
    Our pumpkins are raised specifically for the festival by Getts Family Farm, located only three miles from our farm. We have a wide selection and pricing varies based on type and size. The smallest start at $1 and go up from there. We also have gourds, corn and more to take home!
  • Are you open if it rains?
    While the farm runs rain or shine, unfortunately the Fall Festival does not. If inclement weather looks like it’s probable, check our social media outlets for the latest information.

Plan Your Trip! FAQs

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