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Celebrating 125 years of bottling memories at

Kuehnert Dairy

It’s 4 a.m. and the first of the cows will begin to bellow from the barn. The alarm has gone off and we’ve poured the second cup of coffee. Before the world wakes to tackle another day, we have moved and milked 300 cows. Patting heads, checking udders and feeding calves — it’s the same as every other day on the farm where the unexpected is expected. For 125 years, generations of Kuehnerts have made their way from house to barn before breakfast to bring milk to your breakfast table. In 2013, we added a fall festival to invite you into the heart of it all. In 2023, we’ll launch the Milk House — taking farm to table to a whole new level, with milk from the farm available at the farm store. Join us at the farm and, yes, it’s okay if it’s after the sun is up.

Kuehnert Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm

It’s all about the cows. Our herd has been a pedigreed foundation for all of our success.

Kuehnert Fall Festival

Fall Festival

Corn Maze, baby calves, AND ice cream? Fall is only complete after a festival of farm fun!

Kuehnert Milk House

Milk House

Fresh from the farm, you can’t get milk better — unless it’s blueberry.

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